Artists Wanted

*This is not a face painting workshop

Win the Great Parks Art Competition.

Be one of the 48 art students from participating High Schools in the Greater Cincinnati Area to be selected for an opportunity to attend a professional 2 day art workshop.

April 14-15 or April 21-22

9:00 am to 4:00 pm


Your instructors will be nationally acclaimed artists

Wanda Mumm and David Rankin

Sponsored by:

Great Parks of Hamilton County and Susan Kathleen Black Foundation

Wanda Mumm



Students will develop a sustainable and structured process that will mirror the established methods and practices that contemporary artists use today. The class will be a focused approach, yet give the students the tools to be independent to explore across their chosen medium to build strong art skills. This art experience will give students a chance to experience various college level concepts:

  • using value to create depth
  • create good composition for better paintings
  • learn the use of temperature and atmospheric color to create  spatial planes.

This course will be a hands-on format where students work at improving their individual skill sets. We will help you understand how to get to the next level. The students will all be in a large group initially regardless of the medium selected for the workshop to go over concepts and practices about creating art in general. Then the students will be broken up into the two mediums and continue their work for the rest of the weekend.  Wanda’s Oil Class will work with the students in mini painting exercises the first day. These mini exercises will prepare the student to create a solo piece of art the second day that will be of their choosing. Wanda will help each student achieve their individual best outcome. For the Watercolor Class, David will explain and work with students to start their own art journals using sketching and watercolor techniques to record impressions the students see in their lives.

David Rankin



Application Form, Due March 23rd

The Great Parks Artist Competition & Training Workshop is a unique Art Program created by the Great Parks Foundation Of Hamilton County of the Greater Cincinnati area and the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation. The Susan Kathleen Black Foundation is a unique educational foundation dedicated to the training of artists of all ages nationwide. The Great Parks Artist Competition & Training Workshop is designed to identify and select 48 of the most talented student artists from participating high schools. Once selected, these 48 student artists will then take part in a special 2-day professional intensive training workshop at the Great Parks Sharon Woods Centre. The Susan Kathleen Black Foundation is providing two of its most accomplished professional artist instructors to conduct this workshop at the Sharon Centre, Wanda Mumm and David Rankin.   Both are internationally recognized painters, traveling all over the world to paint, and conduct workshops. In this workshop Wanda Mumm will train student artists in several very unique professional skill sets associated with landscape painting. Wanda will train artists in artistic skills that will help them improve their landscape painting by learning how to identify and paint better atmospheric color and value relationships found in Nature. She will also work with the students on how to improve compositional/design elements for more dynamic pieces of art. David Rankin will train artists in the age-old artistic process of creating amazing Sketchbook Journals. Over the centuries the world’s top artists have created sketchbook journals filled with cool sketches, drawings, and watercolor studies from their travels and studio studies. In the past 30 years, this artistic tradition has taken on new life and become one of the very coolest skill sets that young artists are now embracing. David Rankin will train artists in the various sketching, drawing, and watercolor techniques that he utilizes in his travels all over the world, from his artistic explorations in the Himalayas, Thailand, Europe, and all over America. And with this unique skill set young artists can nurture and improve both their sketching and watercolor painting skills. The 48 student artists chosen to be juried into the Great Parks Artist Competition & Training Workshop will experience a very unique opportunity to work with two of the nation’s top professional artists.
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In this special artist training program we are looking for the most enthusiastic and talented young artists in the Greater Cincinnati Area high school system. Would you like to be considered for one of the 48 spots we have open for the 2018 Great Parks Artist Workshop in April.?pick one!
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Students will submit 2 (2 dimensional) images of their artwork for the jury.