The stunning oil paintings in this collection are carefully researched, accurate interpretations of significant moments in Charles Goodnight’s life, rendered by Master artist Lee Cable. See More….

At the SKB Workshop 2017

First day at the SKB Workshop in the tiny town of Dubois, set in the extraordinary landscape of Wyoming's high country... 7,500 feet. Artists began arriving on Saturday. And last night was the big kick off party in the Headwaters Center. Bright and early...
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What Role Should Electronics Play in Art Education?

By Bob Bahr It's not unusual for a 2nd Grader to own a smartphone in today's world. It's not uncommon to see a table full of teenagers sit in silence as their thumbs fly over their phone screen. Studies abound that warn about the dire consequences of modern children...
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SKBers Gather to Help Shanika Raise Parks Funds

by Bob Bahr Ken Shanika, the Rose Award winner, artist, and key SKBer known for tutoring teen artists toward award-winning careers, put out a call for entries for two fundraisers this summer in Colorado. The response was rapid. "The minute I asked Wanda [Mumm] and...
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One Student’s View on PLACE

We caught up with the lively and bright PLACE participant Dre during last week's event. Here's what he had to say.  
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A Sense of PLACE: SKB and the Boys & Girls Club of Dubois Team Up

By Bob Bahr Dubois, Wyoming is a unique place, with ancient Native American migratory and trade paths intersecting, nearby passes over the Absoraka Mountains and Wind River Mountains urging passage, and the Wind River itself offering water, food, relatively temperate...
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On the Road and in the Skies With Watercolorist Georgia Mansur

By Bob Bahr Georgia Mansur is in demand. The watercolorist fills workshops all over the world, from her native Australia to France, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Mexico and… Dubois, Wyoming. Mansur is one of the three featured instructors for the Susan Kathleen Black...
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Denman’s Solo Show at Astoria Fine Art, Jackson Hole: New and Different

By Bob Bahr Andrew Denman knows he's pushing it. In fact, he's made the conscious decision to do so. Denman has long put together shows that group his paintings by themes. In the past, he hasn't worked in series, but looking back over his work he could pick out...
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Jocelyn Russell’s Monumental Accomplishment

By Bob Bahr Sculptor Jocelyn Russell had two years to finish a commission. That should be plenty of time, right? OK…even if the commission involves five full-size elephants and five lions? Now that is a stretch. It meant that Russell worked at the foundry during the...
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Caleb Goggans: Teaching Art the Right Way to the Famously Rambunctious SKBers

By Bob Bahr Thomas Caleb Goggans attended the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, in Connecticut, and he currently teaches at the Townsend Atelier, in Chattanooga, Tennessee … which is to say he has classically trained drawing and painting chops. After attending the...
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Susan Kathleen was a devoted artist and student who took every opportunity to learn from master artists and skilled experts to develop her own talent. Her favorite workshops were at the Beartooth School of Wildlife Art in Big Timber, Montana, where she studied with many nationally knownwildlife artists.

In early 2003 the memorial fund was granted 501 (c )(3) status and became the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation, Inc. Its mission is to continue to fund art education for a broad range of art programs throughout the nation, while giving artists of all ages the opportunity to develop their skills and achieve their goals as artists.