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SKB Workshop is now Full… see you next year!

Huge “Badass” Dinosaur
named after this falls
SpecialGuest Artist and creator of Dinotopia – James Gurney. The newly-named dinosaur, Torvosaurus gurneyi, was the largest predator in Jurrasic Europe. It had a skull that measured 115 centimeters, blade-shaped teeth that could be up to ten centimeters long, and it hunted other dinosaurs. Which pretty categorically disqualifies it from citizenship in Dinotopia, but still, this is pretty badass.
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The Year of John Ruthven
John A. Ruthven, naturalist,
author, lecturer, and
internationally acknowledged
master of wildlife art is often
called the “20th Century
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Susan Kathleen Black Artwork
Our organization is named after Susan K. Black, was quite an artist herself. Check out this exhibition of her artwork.
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Cool features of last year’s
Workshop With Bob Bateman at this year’s workshop… it was the best ever. Check out
all of the cool features that made this year’s workshop so special & memorable.
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